VEGRE is a Greek company, committed to promoting, representing and exporting all-natural, Hellenic agricultural products, to customers all around the world.

We work as intermediary between seller and buyer, establishing strong relationships with suppliers and clients in order to meet our primary goal which is mutual satisfaction through a productive and profitable cooperation.

Our team of professionals have extensive experience in all fields of the international market, having worked in Central Europe, East Mediterranean Sea, North America and West Africa. They are dedicated to provide high quality services and to help resolve all kinds of trade-related business problems.

about us1

It is our firm belief that the key to success, for both Vegre and our clients, is superior quality in our partnerships and more importantly our products.

This is why the products we represent and the ones in our personal portfolio must meet some necessary standards:

– be all-natural
– have high nutritional value
– be additives and preservatives free