The Vegre portfolio of brands includes Karnos, Ieron and Fivos.

Karnos was established in 2013 and consists of a wide variety of deli products like the Honey with hazelnut paste, the Black Currant with Ouzo Syrup, the Dried Fig with brandy, the Organic Olive Oil, etc.


Karnos was an ancient god of fertility and fruitfulness in Peloponnese. It is actually believed that the word “Carnival” originated from the festivals the ancient Greeks celebrated dressed up in costumes, like the Carneia.




Ieron and Fivos were established in 2014 and include gourmet products for grocery stores and supermarkets, like Fivos Sundried Tomatoes, Fivos Olive Oil, Ieron Olives, etc.

All of Karnos, Ieron and Fivos superior quality goods are produced in Greece, from strictly selected producers in Crete, Mytilene, Peloponnese and elsewhere, who use pure Hellenic raw materials and combine new technology with traditional production methods, while meeting the highest quality standards.