Black Currant with Ouzo syrup

Black Currant with Ouzo syrup

The Black Currant with Ouzo Syrup comprises an exceptional delicacy. Black currant provides the human brain with the needed sweetness to perform and the energy to respond to an extra physical effort. In combination with Ouzo, it does offer a unique palatable experience. It is a product, low on sugar and lemon, in readiness for anyone who wants to enjoy atop ice-cream, yogurt, fruit salads, sorbet as well as salad dressing. It also accompanies fresh summer salads or grilled fish and meat. Preserved in a cool place, keep refrigerated for 15 days after opening.



  • Organic Corinth Currants 50%
  • Sugar 40%
  • Ouzo 14,5%
  • Lemon 2%


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