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Fivos Green Olives

A staple in Greek cuisine, olives and olive oil come in many varieties, shapes and colours.

One of the most famous types of olives are the green, a typically Greek type which is picked before they ripen and brined in a lye solution to become edible.

Coming into shades of green to yellow, green olives have a slightly bitter taste and are perfect as a stand-alone snack or as garnish in food or beverage, like the one James Bond prefers.

Fivos Green Olives, named after the epithet of the Greek god Apollo, Phoebus, meaning luminous in Greek, are an excellent source of monounsaturated fats, that reduce “bad” cholesterol and help maintain clear arteries.

At the same time their polyphenol compounds, including tyrosol, luteolin and hydroxytyrosol, act as antioxidants and can prevent medical conditions like diabetes, osteoporosis and heart disease.

Whole, pitted, sliced or in a spread, Fivos Green Olives are a 100% Greek delicacy, free of any preservatives.



  • SPREAD : 200g
  • WHOLE, PITTED : 360g & 560g
  • SLICED : 360g


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