Ieron Black Olives

A staple in Greek cuisine, olives and olive oil come in many varieties, shapes and colours.

One of the most famous types of olives are the black, a typically Greek type which is allowed to fully ripen on the tree before they are harvested.

Their colour varies from red-violet-black to purple and deep black while they have a meaty flesh and slightly fruity taste.

Ieron Black Olives, a name that comes from the Greek word “iero” meaning holy, meet the high standards of this particular type of olive.

They are rich in Vitamin E, an antioxidant nutrient that strengthens the immune system and protects various body cells, like the red blood cells, from damage.

At the same time they contain unsaturated fats, that protect from high blood pressure and abnormal heart rate, and also small but necessary doses of iron, calcium and Vitamin A.


  • WHOLE : 360 & 560g


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