Karnos organic olive oil CRETE


A synonym of health and well being, the olive oil has been for thousands of years one of the most renowned products of the Mediterranean.
Modern studies have attributed very exceptional characteristics to olive oil, as one of the most important shields of the human body and almost an “elixir” of longevity and durability.

The Cretan Olive Oil is known all over the world for its health benefits and for being an important factor in the Mediterranean diet.

Cultivated with extra care in the unique climate of Crete, the olives are simply crushed in order to produce the Karnos Organic Olive Oil Crete, without any extracts or additives being used in the final product.
The high quality olive oil owes its nutritional characteristics to the rich in potassium and phosphorus soil but also the combination of traditional techniques and high quality safety standards implemented in the whole production chain.

The final product, Karnos Organic Olive Oil, named after the Spartan god for fertility and the harvest, is a product of excellence, with low acidity value to testament to its unparalleled quality.



Acidity 0,1 0,4 %
Peroxide: < 10 mEq 02/kg
K270<0.22, K32<2.50

500ml // e 16.9 fl.oz



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