Mavrodaphne Reserve

In the Winery

After delivery, the grapes are fermented and extracted in the tank for about 4 days under controlled conditions. Then the alcoholic fermentation is interrupted by adding alcohol, thereby preserving a part of the grape sugars in the finished product. The wine matures for 7 years in oak barrels and at least for 4 more years in the bottle to develop its complex character.

Ageing potential

Ready to drink now, but with exquisite potential for further ageing.

The character

Pale red colour with orange hues. Aromatic notes of dried fruit (plum, fig, raisin), chocolate, hazelnut. Rich, complex with a sweet feeling, balanced with the character of its development. Long-lasting and elegant after-taste. Excellent if consumed alone, otherwise it may be paired with salty dishes (spicy cheese dip), syrup desserts and chocolates.




Varieties: Mavrodaphne 70%, Black Corinth 30%

Type: Naturally sweet red wine

Protected Designation of Origin: Patras

Vineyards: Sub-mountainous zone of Patras altitude 300 – 500 meters.

Period of vine harvest: Early September 24 – 27 ° Brix


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